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★★★Church Of Truth And Spirit★★★ Apostle, Pastor, Prophet: Stevian leading the flock of over 45,000 members to date.
"Our Goal Is Not Gold - It's Souls"

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Online Church - Church Of Truth And Spirit
It's Not In A Building But In The Building Of The Body
Category: Christianity
It's Not In A Building But In The Building Of The Body! Welcome to the true Church which is you , your Spirit meeting with us in Spirit. Eph 4:11 - says. To equip the saints for the purpose of ministry. So that they are sent out so they can do thei ...more
It's Not In A Building But In The Building Of The Body! Welcome to the true Church which is you , your Spirit meeting with us in Spirit. Eph 4:11 - says. To equip the saints for the purpose of ministry. So that they are sent out so they can do their part for the Body Of Christ. We are all called to do God's work in one way or another, we will not hold you , after you have listened the segments/sermons and you have learned the things we teach you and God tells you to go out , if you need in the land we will then give you a minister/preacher certificate so you may go preach the Gospel and do the work of an Evangelist like Paul said in 2 Timothy. You can come here or goto: to participate weekly. We all are called to be leaders of the word and bring up others as we are brought under Christ Jesus and to prepare us for the New Jerusalem as Spirits this is why we peculiar creatures in this land. We are not about money as many but not all church building leaders are because we believe God will provide for us as he did Christ (Remember the money in the fishes mouth), the bible says God loves a cheerful giver and to give without being under compulsion. you are not bind down to tithe with us based on this scripture. If you choose to give an offering this is up to you and please allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in this. If you are: (Go to: ) and God will bless you accordingly to his word. Thank you for taking this short time to view our introduction and we welcome you as online church members to the true Body (In Spirit) of Christ. God Blesses With Spiritual Love! Minister Stevie Tee
Welcome (T.H.U.G.'s) to the true Church which is you (The - Houses - Under - God), your Spirit meeting with us in Spirit. (1...

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June 22, 2014 12:57 AM PDT

Battle Cry (For "Transformers: Age Of Extinction") ,.Transformers 4,Age Of Extinction,




Transformers 4 Age of Extinction, 2 New Characters Revealed, Song Revealed, Galvatron, Unicron,

Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Official SDTK Song Trailer (2014)


Artist: D.J. Stevie Tee
Written By: Stevie Thompson
Produced By: D.J. Stevie Tee
Label: CitySide Records,CitySide Music Ministries
Published By: CSE Major Holdings Muzik / ASCAP
© Copyright  Release 2014 - All Rights Reserved

The Spiritual Transformers get with D.J. Stevie Tee on this track to make a great praise song. Allowing the sinners to be transformed through praise music with no words, this song is the Harlem Shake of Gospel Music.

June 14, 2014 01:18 PM PDT

Jay Z, MADE IN AMERICA, Documentary, CitySide Music Ministries, GOD MADE, CD, DVD,Ron Howard,

Jay Z Made In America documentary DVD cover


Is this a challenge that Beyonce and Jay Z are doing since the Christian rapper Bizzle is challenging Jay Z? Even though Bizzle is not on the GOD MADE CD or Documentary there are two others who have a strong music buzz going for themselves on the CitySide Records label: Anthony Garland and Krystal Klear Da Rapper whose songs can be downloaded here: 

They are 2 of the main artist on the CD that will be released July 22nd. Lets see which one does better The Christians or the Illuminati RocNation Crew. CitySide Music Ministries is currently taking pre-orders for the GOD MADE Documentary by partnering up with SALVATION CD Sleeves and when a person purchases any pack of CD / DVD Sleeves they are locked in to receive their CD/DVD on July 22nd at their doorstep or well mailbox.



May 28, 2014 04:17 AM PDT

Iggy Azalea - Fancy, Charli XCX. Iggy Azalea,DWMTM Meek Mill,I Don't Know - Meek Mill,GOD MADE, July 22nd


Get the physical CD/DVD on Ebay July 22nd with any pack of SALVATION CD SLEEVES Here: 
Features exclusive reality show footage of studio sessions, 2 new videos 1.DWMTM & 2. Make Your Happy Last,
Songs feature Gidionn The Overseer, Krystal Klear Da Rapper, Anthony Garland, Minister Stevie Tee, Alice Johnson, Stacy Weaver, Stevie Tee Jr. & Curtis Michael and many surprise guest artist to make this the biggest Gospel/Christian CD/DVD release this year.

May 15, 2014 12:19 PM PDT

Jason Derulo Talk Dirty ,Anthony Garland,Krystal Klear Da Rapper,Wiggle,wiggle Jason Derulo,Snoop Dogg Wiggle Wiggle



D.J. Stevie Tee | FrozenAnthony Garland Signs $3.5 Million Deal With CitySide Records

Jason Derulo talk dirty but now CitySide Records and God Squad is introducing their new signees... Anthony Garland and Krystal Klear Da Rapper. preparing for their new singles which will be released this month.

Speaking of how Satan talks dirty in the past and how Christ brought them out with full deliverance they now stay in Christ talking cleanliness in holiness to win souls for the Lord for the building of God's Kingdom.

Recorded at CitySide Records
Written By: Anthony Bonnie Garland, Adriane McFord, Stevie Thompson
Lyrics Published By: CSE Major Holdings Muzik / ASCAP
Label: CitySide Records, CitySide Music Ministries
UPC: 655847132003

Booking: 850-345-4120

May 13, 2014 11:53 PM PDT


michael jackson xscape,Love Never Felt So Good - Michael Jackson, Anthony Garland,Krystal Klear Da Rapper, Anthony Garland and Krystal Klear explains what true love is in the only spiritual way.

Michael Jackson Love Never Felt So Good - feat. Krystal Klear Da Rapper,Anthony Garland

April 28, 2014 05:17 PM PDT

Pharrell Williams Happy,Happy Remix,Minister Stevie Tee, Flight 370 Happy, Church Mix Happy Pharrell,



After it being announced last week that the "HAPPY" song went 4 x's platinum, the song comes with a twist
Minister Stevie Tee and his God Squad mixtape label comes with a interview video of how and why he made the remix which is called the Church Remix.. Not because ther's a choir in it or something but because this minister seems angry about something in it. He went off on some of his enemies right after Pharrell's verse ended. Seems like the enemies were right there as he said they........we'll just read the verse belowand you'll get the point!!


"Happy - Church Remix"
Verse 2 - By Minister Stevie Tee - Published By: CSE Major Holdings Muzik / ASCAP

Disrespect to my enemies
Because I'm Happy Now

I didn't fall out of faith - Grace kept me now
You say that I'm a theif - How you figure now

I took back what the devil stole - and maybe that's how
Ya'll should be ashamed claiming Christian

Talking behind my back but claiming that we're friends
Get your house in order for your soul sake

Stay fake, Get lost......Flight 370.

Label: CitySide Records,CitySide Music Ministries

Well after reading the lyrics it's clear that someone has beef and we ain't talking the Wendy's beef that the old women on Dave Thomas Wendy's commercials because we can see and hear this beef loud and clear.  Minister stevie Tee did tell many sources that there are ones that claim to be leaders in the faith who do music but don't like working with other artist in his local town and act like they know it all and are better than other music ministers. He told us once before that being in Christ is being part of one body and to be proven as a follower one must display the characterristics of Christ and he went on to say only a smll faithful few do and those he work with now but the others speak out badly about him. Saying his music sucks and that he couldn't rap, but seems in this verse with the ending punchline "Get lost.... Flight 370" was enuff for me to throw in the towel at the haters and call the fight off. Minister Stevie Tee went on to tell us that if one stays in his or her sin then they will remain lost and if they are too late they won't be found. He told us many of the leaders know how we are to live according to God's word and if one doesn't intentionally then they are turning their back on Christ and we can't be ashamed we have to accept him and go foward speaking out loud about the gospel along with working with other believers and inspiring them when they are low or need help. He said that if those same producers and so called rappers or leaders were real they would tell anything they feel directly like a real Christian would and not hide the truth because the truth shall set you free.

Many are upset about the line of the flight 370 because they feel it's disrespect to the ones that are lost. But I guess they have to know that the minister is defining the word lost ans allowing the so called leaders to feel what it's like to be lost and can't be found. I thought about it and It's scary and woke me up about staying true to the faith and thse that are in it spreading the gospel.

Imma say it like Rodney King "Why can't we all get alonggggggg!!! 

Text "minister 20" to 69937

March 31, 2014 02:05 AM PDT

Noah's Ark,Noah,Noah The Movie,Minister Stevie Tee,Blasted,A Christian Movie Review,


Well we decided for you to see the video above first so you may hear and see how passionate the Minister, musician, producer, humanitarian is about his God's (The Great I Am) word.

The minister of CitySide Ministries International has been preparing for his upcoming YouTube and Television show but decided to give the word early speaking on God's commandment from Exodus 20:4. Even though the show isn't fully in edited/animated display he comes through quite straight forward and on point.

He told sources that him and his sons Stevie Tee Jr. & Curtis Michael

from song :Wrapped in Red (which can be purchased on was going to the movies this past weekend to see Noah , The Lego Movie and The Muppets but after the holy spirit spoke he was led not to participate in the sin of it which he says "Cease That Madness" which also is his show's slogan.

He speaks and says that hollywood is all about profits and that they are not about the church so they shouldn't pretty much be profiting off of God as he referenced the main actor might not even be in Christ yet.

He also told sources that he has a collection of biblical movies but since the holy spirit showed him and remionded him of the truth, he's going to burn them.

Well, if he's doing it then many should listen and follow because the word of God do state that we cannot have a graven image or anything in the likeness of it so movies, pictures are in the likeness which means's in sin, so Minister Stevie Tee you have a follower now who is (watching those movies) out not in, or say my name is bennit and I ain't in it but I am in the faith.


Christian Cartel PR/Holy Hustle Entertrainment

Comments Call: 1-800-576-0496 ext. 806

February 04, 2014 06:19 AM PST


Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Official Movie Trailer (2014) (Dinobots) (Mark Wahlberg) -
Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Official SDTK Song Trailer (2014)

Artist: D.J. Stevie Tee
Written By: Stevie Thompson
Produced By: D.J. Stevie Tee
Label: CitySide Records,CitySide Music Ministries
Published By: CSE Major Holdings Muzik / ASCAP
© Copyright  Release 2014 - All Rights Reserved

The Spiritual Transformers get with D.J. Stevie Tee on this track to make a great praise song. Allowing the sinners to be transformed through praise music with no words, this song is the Harlem Shake of Gospel Music.

December 16, 2013 11:18 PM PST

Tamela Mann - I Can Only Imagine,MercyMe I Can Only Imagine,MercyMe,Tamela Mann,Minister Stevie Tee,I Can Only Imagine

To imagine good things is of God but the bad is not unless you're thinking of the good that comes out of it so God will get the glory. Minister Stevie Tee teams up with the vocals of Tamela Mann to deliver the Remix of 'I Can Only Imagine".

©Written By: Tamela Mann, Stevie Thompson,Kipley, Peter C./Millard, Bart
Produced By: D.J. Stevie Tee
©Published By: CSE Major Holdings Muzik (ASCAP),Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Label: CitySide Records,CitySide Music Ministries,Tillymann Music Group

December 01, 2013 02:15 AM PST

The Hobbit The Desolation Of Smaug,The Hobbit,The Hobbit Preview,The Hobbit:The Desolation Of Smaug,the hobbit desolation of smaug trailer,the hobbit desolation of smaug trailer 5


The Hobbit or The Holy Hobbit, Desolation of Smaug one of 2013's best producer's and songs. Producer for Cityside Records, Cityside Music Ministries he gives us the soundtrack feel for the movies you will watch that the world enjoys. Brought in by Minister Stevie Tee in 2013 to shake up the genres of gospel music the label produces, The Holy Hobbit adds much value to CitySide Records.

The Holy Hobbit comes in to win souls from evil. On this holy hustle hitter he releases the spirit of goodness from God thru music.



Music Monthly Music CD Mailed
Notes To Record Company:
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