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It's Not In A Building But In The Building Of The Body
Category: Christianity
It's Not In A Building But In The Building Of The Body! Welcome to the true Church which is you , your Spirit meeting with us in Spirit. Eph 4:11 - says. To equip the saints for the purpose of ministry. So that they are sent out so they can do thei ...more
It's Not In A Building But In The Building Of The Body! Welcome to the true Church which is you , your Spirit meeting with us in Spirit. Eph 4:11 - says. To equip the saints for the purpose of ministry. So that they are sent out so they can do their part for the Body Of Christ. We are all called to do God's work in one way or another, we will not hold you , after you have listened the segments/sermons and you have learned the things we teach you and God tells you to go out , if you need in the land we will then give you a minister/preacher certificate so you may go preach the Gospel and do the work of an Evangelist like Paul said in 2 Timothy. You can come here or goto: to participate weekly. We all are called to be leaders of the word and bring up others as we are brought under Christ Jesus and to prepare us for the New Jerusalem as Spirits this is why we peculiar creatures in this land. We are not about money as many but not all church building leaders are because we believe God will provide for us as he did Christ (Remember the money in the fishes mouth), the bible says God loves a cheerful giver and to give without being under compulsion. you are not bind down to tithe with us based on this scripture. If you choose to give an offering this is up to you and please allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in this. If you are: (Go to: ) and God will bless you accordingly to his word. Thank you for taking this short time to view our introduction and we welcome you as online church members to the true Body (In Spirit) of Christ. God Blesses With Spiritual Love! Minister Stevie Tee
Welcome (T.H.U.G.'s) to the true Church which is you (The - Houses - Under - God), your Spirit meeting with us in Spirit. (1...

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October 05, 2014 11:35 PM PDT

Drake Breaks The Beatles Billboard Record While CitySide Records lands their 36th License,Makonnen,

Drake.. by Cityside Records,CitySide Music Ministries

Looks like the CitySide Records label just landed it's 36th license from another major. Even though Muve music is one of the licensees and  may be changing lanes it didn't stop all the other majors from picking up songs from the label/music ministry's extensive music catalog. Get some of their music here:

In other news DRAKE with the help of his new featured song :TUESDAY just landed him his 72nd top 100 on the Billboard which helped him pass the Beatles records. It is said only Elvis, Lil Wayne, James Brown, Jay Z, Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin is his competition. Well when Christian artist begin charting numerous songs Christ like now will riegn even more in the music industry knocking the Illuminati to the ground.

LISTEN TO AND DOWNLOAD THE REMIX OF THE DRAKE SONG "Tuesday" - Sunday Remix By CitySide Records.


October 04, 2014 11:35 PM PDT

Five Nights At Freddy's, Five Nights At Freddy's Song

Five Nights At Freddy's - Song for Gamers, (YOUTUBE USE ONLY!) -

iPhone Screenshot 1

Five Nights At Freddy's - Song for Gamers, (YOUTUBE USE ONLY!) -


September 25, 2014 05:29 AM PDT

Lorde Yellow Flicker Beat - Hunger Games Mockingjay - D.J. Stevie Tee,



Well Billboard taunted us with the release date but we know that was all to stop many from looking early but yesterday she or her label releases a 2 minute snap of the song which is very nice not exciting as we thought it would be to fit the movie. It sounded more as if someone died in this Part 1 Mockingjay movie that we love so much. Is this a hint.

Well to bring life to it D.J. Stevie Tee released a version of Yellow Flicker Beat and it was just that….A BEAT! One that gives way more energy than Lorde’s and it also fits the movie. Sources tell us it was too late to submit to the movie team because Lorde had already signed on to do the soundtrack. But the unofficial song and official song will be sold next Tuesday on all digital sites worldwide. D.J. Stevie Tee’s label is offering the song now 5 days before the release for those who wish to post it to their YouTube channel. The video can be seen below along with the FREE DOWNLOAD attached in the description of the video.




September 21, 2014 08:39 PM PDT

Lecrae tops 'Billboard' album charts with 'Anomaly', While Minister Stevie Tee Officially Changes His Name Enter King Stevian,


Now this is a good and bad thing that Lecrae has hit #1 on Billboard Charts.

You wanna know why well here it go: the good is that now the word Christian is before the entire nation and the door is wide open for Christian rappers to follow behind Lecrae, Pettidee and Minister Stevie Tee. But who will step up, well lets wait and see soon.

The bad is that Lecrae doesn't represent Christ and God as an image head or reflection of instead what he does is give his testimony of where he used to be and now is with only giving hints that God did it, kinda like he's ashamed to say.. Christ, Christ, God and Christ DID IT, CHRIST DID IT.......Do you get the point. If you go listen to the album it sounds like the world music but only clean. Now on the other hand Minister Stevie Tee's music which can be downloaded for free here: or bought here on Itunes: is music that reflect Christ, when you listen to and compare the two you will tell the difference.

IN OTHER NEWS Minister Stevie Tee has officially changed his name to King Stevian to represent the new season him and his ministry is moving into so you can start seeing the new name on the new releases soon as his new album "WOW" is being prep'd for release.



August 22, 2014 12:35 AM PDT

Partition Remix - Beyonce, Minister Stevie Tee (FREE DOWNLOAD),

Partition Remix - Beyonce, Minister Stevie Tee,

God Squad & CitySide Records releases the mix-tape song "Partition" by Minister Stevie Tee featuring Beyonce. The Pastor explains to his ex-wife why he broke up with her but ministers to her thru music.

Rap Lyric Publisher: CSE Major Holdings Muzik / ASCAP
Rap Written By: Stevie Thompson
Singing Lyrics Publisher: © Universal Music Publishing Group

Partition Remix - Beyonce, Minister Stevie Tee

August 16, 2014 03:17 PM PDT

Louisville Purge,Red Blood,Purge,Louisville,yo gotti cold blood,Louisville Purge,Red Blood,Purge,Louisville,yo gotti cold blood,cityside music ministries,God Made,Minister Stevie Tee,B.T. Nemesis,Krystal Klear Da Rapper,Lecrae Fear,Lecrae Church Clothes,2,Help Lecrae,Help Mary Mary,Erica Campbell Help,God's Not Dead Newsboys,Like A Lion

red blood,yo gotti cold blood,louisville purge,the purge

It is crazy knowing that individuals are trying to do things that are in the movies. In Louisville it seems to be serious though, many called the law stating that they had info on it and were scared for their lives, many went out and bought guns and other weapons while many locked up like the movie. It spread all the way down to Jackasonville Florida stated sources.

But one thing the ministry knows there is a them song for all this. The ministry: CitySide Music Ministries who released "Red Blood" on their full Album on Itunes and Amazon below:



The ministry head said this should be played before any residents make any move because the truth is in the song about the true blood that was shed before yesterday or tonight and it will change their life.

Instead of going out to stop anyone the leader took it to the studio and YouTube below to show love thru song.

The song features: Minister Stevie Tee, B.T. Nemesis, Krystal Klear Da Rapper and 3 kids........Stevie Tee Jr., Curtis Michael and Brother Xavier Hope.

. .

August 13, 2014 02:10 AM PDT

jekalyn carr it's gonna happen,#flawless,jekalyn carr,
SONG USED: "Mind On Jesus" BUY -

Christian Cartel Show Episode 1 Show #6
Romans 4:17 -

jeckalyn carr it's gonna happen


. .


June 22, 2014 12:57 AM PDT

Battle Cry (For "Transformers: Age Of Extinction") ,.Transformers 4,Age Of Extinction,




Transformers 4 Age of Extinction, 2 New Characters Revealed, Song Revealed, Galvatron, Unicron,

Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Official SDTK Song Trailer (2014)


Artist: D.J. Stevie Tee
Written By: Stevie Thompson
Produced By: D.J. Stevie Tee
Label: CitySide Records,CitySide Music Ministries
Published By: CSE Major Holdings Muzik / ASCAP
© Copyright  Release 2014 - All Rights Reserved

The Spiritual Transformers get with D.J. Stevie Tee on this track to make a great praise song. Allowing the sinners to be transformed through praise music with no words, this song is the Harlem Shake of Gospel Music.

May 28, 2014 04:17 AM PDT

Iggy Azalea - Fancy, Charli XCX. Iggy Azalea,DWMTM Meek Mill,I Don't Know - Meek Mill,GOD MADE, July 22nd


Get the physical CD Here: 
Features exclusive reality show footage of studio sessions, 2 new videos 1.DWMTM & 2. Make Your Happy Last,
Songs feature Gidionn The Overseer, Krystal Klear Da Rapper, Anthony Garland, Minister Stevie Tee, Alice Johnson, Stacy Weaver, Stevie Tee Jr. & Curtis Michael and many surprise guest artist to make this the biggest Gospel/Christian CD/DVD release this year.

March 31, 2014 02:05 AM PDT

Noah's Ark,Noah,Noah The Movie,Minister Stevie Tee,Blasted,A Christian Movie Review,


Well we decided for you to see the video above first so you may hear and see how passionate the Minister, musician, producer, humanitarian is about his God's (The Great I Am) word.

The minister of CitySide Ministries International has been preparing for his upcoming YouTube and Television show but decided to give the word early speaking on God's commandment from Exodus 20:4. Even though the show isn't fully in edited/animated display he comes through quite straight forward and on point.

He told sources that him and his sons Stevie Tee Jr. & Curtis Michael

from song :Wrapped in Red (which can be purchased on was going to the movies this past weekend to see Noah , The Lego Movie and The Muppets but after the holy spirit spoke he was led not to participate in the sin of it which he says "Cease That Madness" which also is his show's slogan.

He speaks and says that hollywood is all about profits and that they are not about the church so they shouldn't pretty much be profiting off of God as he referenced the main actor might not even be in Christ yet.

He also told sources that he has a collection of biblical movies but since the holy spirit showed him and remionded him of the truth, he's going to burn them.

Well, if he's doing it then many should listen and follow because the word of God do state that we cannot have a graven image or anything in the likeness of it so movies, pictures are in the likeness which means's in sin, so Minister Stevie Tee you have a follower now who is (watching those movies) out not in, or say my name is bennit and I ain't in it but I am in the faith.


Christian Cartel PR/Holy Hustle Entertrainment

Comments Call: 1-800-576-0496 ext. 806

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